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Nearly 15 years ago, I became one of the first financial bloggers, not because I sought fame, but because I needed a better way to share stock ideas, vacation pictures, and the occasional political rant with a few close friends. Out of the ether, random people I had never met, asked to be added to my rather rudimentary email alert system. Within weeks, I had over a thousand followers. It was somewhat surreal at the time, but I simply rolled with it. Particularly as I found the feedback helpful to my investment process.

Since then, my blog’s following has grown tremendously. Much like all endeavors, the more you put into it, the more you get back, and my time spent on this blog has had a massive multiplier effect on my ability to distill information, avoid landmines, and meet fascinating people. I’ve come to enjoy other mediums for sharing my thoughts, particularly Twitter and podcasts, but my true passion has always been this blog. I remain deeply in gratitude to everyone who’s read my rambling thoughts, and then reached out to share their own insights, while correcting my frequent misunderstands about their industries.

Of course, as time has gone on, my free time for writing has ebbed and flowed, but I like to believe that at times when something actionable was happening, I was there to put my own spin on the events—particularly for fast-moving periods like during the first half of 2020.

I bring all of this up as you may be wondering where went and why you’re now at Kuppys Korner. Well, I’m simply going to blame compliance…

As my hedge fund has continued to grow (with assets in excess of $200 million at the end of March), we have become a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As a result, we’ve decided to move my blog to my hedge fund’s homepage, and under my fund’s compliance process, particularly as the SEC would almost certainly consider my blog to be part of my fund’s marketing function. Along the way, we’ve made several changes to update some very outdated and buggy software, including a new look and feel. The blog’s name has also changed to something that seems a bit more fitting. While everything I do seems to be an adventure in capitalism, Kuppy’s Korner better encapsulates what this site has evolved into.   

Despite these cosmetic changes, some things never change. I plan to remain irreverent, while mocking my own profession. I will not backdown from attacks on Central Bankers and their socialism for Private Equity and TBTF banks. More importantly, I hope to continue flagging actionable inflections. There will also be plenty more vacation pictures.

If you’re wondering where the past content went, well, that’s still waiting for compliance to review. There’s a new “SEC Marketing Rule” and it’s unclear what, if anything, I’ve said in the past is compliant. I hope to slowly repopulate this site with past postings, pending a review from compliance along with the inevitable bills from my legal counsel…

In summary, everything changes, and nothing changes. If you’ve come to my new website as the result of an email, you do not need to do a thing. You’re already signed up and will receive future emails when I post an update. If you’ve come here from Twitter or some other site, please sign up for future email alerts.

Sorry, that this site merge has taken so long. While we’re rather capable on the investing side, clearly IT isn’t our thing.

In any case, now that the move is completed, I intend to post more actively, especially as there’s a bunch of things that I want to cover.

Hope to see you again soon at Kuppy’s Korner.



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Sign Up for Kuppy’s Korner Updates

If you’d like to subscribe to Kuppy’s Korner, please enter your email

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