Seeking Absolute Returns Through Inflection Investing

Praetorian Capital is a hedge fund managed by Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman dedicated to seeking non-correlated, asymmetric returns. The actively-managed strategy seeks absolute returns through highly-concentrated investments exhibiting inflecting secular or cyclical tailwinds, along with allocations to Event-Driven special situations.

Kuppy's Korner

Nearly 15 years ago, I became one of the first financial bloggers, not because I sought fame, but because I needed a better way to share stock ideas, vacation pictures,...
Long-time readers of this site know that I prefer an investing style that is both highly-concentrated and hyper-aggressive. My only goal is to maximize returns over rolling three-year periods. As...
As a long-time inflection investor, I’ve learned that many themes simply do not inflect. There are multiple causes for this; often tied to a bad thesis, or a bad set...

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Our Business

$204 Million Total Assets Under Management as of May 2023. 1

Inflection Investing


1. This figure is an estimated and unaudited amount.