Seeking Absolute Returns Through Inflection Investing

Praetorian Capital is a hedge fund managed by Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman dedicated to seeking non-correlated, asymmetric returns. The actively-managed strategy seeks absolute returns through highly-concentrated investments exhibiting inflecting secular or cyclical tailwinds, along with allocations to Event-Driven special situations.

Kuppy's Korner

In Macro investing, it’s critical that I have a roadmap of where we’ve come from and where I think we’re going. Of course, many things in Macro take far longer...
Last year, I wrote Part 1 of The Great Macro Dreamscape (Part 2 is coming). To summarize, my view is that the coming decade will be the best of times...
We learned from from Zimbabwe that paradoxically, Bad is Good when it comes to the stock market.

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Our Business

$382 Million Total Assets Under Management as of May 2024. 1

Inflection Investing


1. This figure is an estimated and unaudited amount.