Oil To Triple Digits As Crisis Unfolds, Economic Boom Continues

Harris Kupperman, CIO and Founder of Praetorian Capital, discusses the future of oil, nuclear power, and digital media in this episode of The David Lin Report. Harris also discusses the bifurcation in the economy between interest rate sensitive financial, tech, and commercial real estate sectors and more traditional “real economy” businesses. Filmed on April 28th, […]

Understanding OPEC’s Surprise Move

Maggie Lake speaks with Harris Kupperman, Founder & CIO of Praetorian Capital about OPEC’s surprise cut and what it says about U.S-Saudi relations, the state of the oil market, and how much control the Fed really has over inflation. They also discuss Harris’s view on the ever-popular recession question and his view that a bifurcation […]

Praetorian Capital 2022 Year in Review Profile by Institutional Investor

Praetorian founder Harris Kupperman called the tech crash, but his oil predictions did not pan out. A wrong bet on Russia cost hedge fund Praetorian Capital last year, but the fund, run by Harris Kupperman, still managed to gain 11.94 percent in 2022. Praetorian’s “Russian Adventure,” as Kupperman calls it, “has been a disaster,” he […]

Praetorian Capital’s Thesis on The St. Joe Company featured on Yahoo Finance

Praetorian Capital, an investment management company, released its fourth-quarter 2022 investor letter. In the fourth quarter, the fund was up by 15.26% net of fees and its year-to-date returns were up by 11.95%. Many of the core portfolio positions of the fund appreciated moderately in the fourth quarter while Event-Driven book also delivered a positive […]

Harris Kupperman Quoted in NASDAQ Article on Biggest Risks for 2023

If there’s anything that 2022 has taught us as investors, it’s that we always need to be aware of the risk factors in the broader macro environment, and also think about how they might impact individual stocks in our portfolio. While I don’t know what will happen in 2023, I do know there are a […]